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Glens Falls, New York - Gas Prices
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Useful Web Sites

The Comprehensive Saturday Night Live Database
Ninite Cool utility to make ONE installer file for multiple programs
What's in Your Water? EPA search water testing results in the US
Mash Ups! Links to download cool song Mash Up's done by DJs across the world
IX Converter Free online you tube converter
You Tube MP3 Converter Like that song on YouTube. Say no more!
Fax Zero Free faxes to anywhere in the U.S. or Canada
Whirpool Dryers Great resource for repairing dryers
Telephone Number IDentification Caller ID for any regular #, including cells!
Local Calling Guide Find local calling areas
US Trademarks Search Find out who owns trademarks
Fleas!!! Ewww Learn about them and how to rid of them
Great Clean Sprint Phones from a good Ebay store here
File Uploader for Java based phones (Sprint older)
Adam Carolla - Web site with info and links to podcasts, very cool!
BTU Calculator

TV Stuff

HD Offerings Comparison
TV Markets - from about 10 years ago. Very useful info. - Current U.S. TV Station info
Tropo Maps - Tropo for signal propagation
Tropospheric Ducting Forecast Maps - another one
Silicon Dust - Channel screenshots from across the U.S.
TV Fool station maps and site signal info.
Worldwide TV-FM DX Association - people track far signals
DogLeg69's USD / HiSense Firmware - Upgrades for the popular WalMart tuner


Tagalog Alphabet - Pronounced "Ta-gall-log", the language of the Philippines
Basic Tagalog - Word pronounciation and sample sentences for different scenarios
Pepsi Pogi! - Philippine Pepsi product being tested there. Pogi = Handsome
Binisaya - Cebuano to English Thesaurus - Regional language in Mindinao and Cebu
Accuweather for Cagayan De Oro and Iligan City

Glens Falls, NY
OTA Channels

6-1 WRGB 1080i - CBS HD
6-2 TBD (16:9)
6-3 Comet (16:9)
8-1 WNCE - Look TV - SD
10-1 WTEN 720p - ABC HD
10-2 GetTV
10-3 Justice Network (16:9)
13-1 WNYT 1080i - NBC HD
13-2 Me TV (16:9)
13-3 Heroes & Icons (16:9)
17-1 WMHT 1080i - PBS HD
17-2 PBS Create (16:9)
17-3 PBS World (16:9)
17-4 PBS Kids (16:9)
23-1 WXXA 720p - FOX HD
23-2 Off Track Betting (16:9)
23-3 Laff
28-1 WVER - VT PBS HD (Burlington VT)
28-2 WVER - VT PBS PLUS HD / World (shared)
28-3 PBS Create (16:9)
28-4 PBS World (16:9)
45-1 WCWN 1080i - CW HD
45-2 Charge! (16:9)
45-3 WRGB 720p - CBS (16:9)
45-4 Stadium (16:9)
51-1 WNYA 1080i - MY TV HD
51-2 Antenna TV
51-3 Decades (16:9)

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